Ortofon Quintet Black vs 2M Black?

Ortofon Quintet Black
Ortofon 2M Black


....any users that can offer their opinions these 2 carts appreciated...I just picked up a VPI Super Prime Scout ....was heading in the 2M Black direction , however found a reason to possibly go MC instead .

Dynavector 20X2L on radar as well.....


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tried a 2M black on my prime, I was terribly underwhelmed. Not sure why my experience is so different from others. The quintet bronze works extremely well if you can handle a LOMC. I ran that for a while. Now on a Cadenza red and very happy.
I should mention I have an Allnic 1201 phono stage - 
I have a similar setup (Vpi/Herron/20x2L) so my vote would be for the 20X2L.
I've never heard the Quintet Black. 
IMO the 2M Black is one of the best MM cartridges on the market, albeit maybe nor for every tonearm, phono stage, music prteference or set of ears.

Having said that, compared to the 2M Black the Quintet Black is a lot more sound for not a lot more money.  The Quintet doesn't have the midrange bulge associated with the 2M and other MM cartridges - there are more high and low notes.  And the presentation is more detailed and nuanced than with the 2M Black.

As eledert stated above, if you can run a LOMC you will probably be happy with a Quintet cartridge.  At least until you hear the Cadenza Black...

I decided to go with the Quintet Black....more after I receive it & roll out the new TT.....thanks 
I just got the black quintet. Using it with a EAT c major and zesto phono preamp. Very extended treble good soundstage