Ortofon Quintet Black S Cartridge-Looking for opinions

Ortofon Quintet Black S  ....I'm seriously considering putting this this Cart on my soon to be delivered VPI Prime.

Current equipment- Parasound Halo Integrated----Martin Logan Montis speakers---Parasound JC 3 Phono Preamp

I listen to rock,blues and some Jazz.  Is the  Ortofon Quintet Black S a good choice with this setup?

I would love current or former owners of this cartridge to chime in with opinions. All input would be appreciated. I'm specifically looking for a low output moving coil cart for a VPI Prime.

Thanks in advance.
Coincidently, a Prime owner is considering the same cart, on the amp forum. That cart appears to be one of those "can't go wrong"
models depending on your personal tastes.

As far as a "music genre specific" model, I think some carts are simply more dynamic and less veiled than others. In the end, its subjective and your ears.

If you haven't read  already, the AT ART9 thread is quite active  and there are Prime  owners with positive results.

I can't imagine bothering with any other cart in the 1k category. My ART 9 is nearing 2 years. Unless I get into a 10k+ table, then I would splurge on something 3K+. Reality-not happening unless
my ENTIRE system was proportionally upgraded$$$$

The Soundsmith MI carts are another "can't go wrong" line.

Being a VPI dealer, I've put more Quintet Black's on Primes then any other cart.  To me, it's a very good match.

I think with your musical tastes, you would find the Q Black a nice cart.
I appreciate the above opinions...Thank You. 

goldprintaudio.....your comments were exactly what I was looking for. I want a good match up with the Prime. SoundstageDirect told me the same thing....its reassuring to hear it from another dealer.
I love the sound of my Q black!
The quintet black is a great match for the Prime, or any other VPI table for that matter.......I have a Q Red that I use as a backup cart.....and used it with my HR-X and it filled the room with music......I think the 2M Black is also a fantastic match for this table and your type of music and is less finicky when it comes to phono stage......
Dear KrellDog

I have the Q black mounted on my prime also. I am using the AQvox phono stage (fully balanced), set the loading to 100k, with the old Fav BAT VK5 and BAT VK 60 pre power.  I found the best setting at 2.35gr.

The sound is always enjoyable, it is very liquid, FAST, sweet and dynamic.

To what I feel, the Q Black is very BOLD and FAST. It punches right at the bottom and fast in the highs and mids. If you listen to Jazz and RnB or some Ballads, I think you would love it. I found rythmic music is presented better than those of mellow ones.

Piano, Flute/ Sax and Guitars (Peterson, Spyro Gyra and Joe Pass and the lot..), or the good old time RnB (George Benson, Lionel richie stuff) are always presented with Beauty and Bloom.

I also listen to old fav country music like Crystal Gayle and Randy Travis and such, they are also fine with The Q Black.

However, when I changed my Vk60 to my beasty SS Vk500, I dont like the presentation at all. It sounds rather dry and not sweet enough for my liking. I am not sure is it because of the phono stage or it is just my taste..

But overal, The Q Black is a wonderfull Cartridge indeed.. it is worth buying for the price..

Good luck friend..


jonathan....Thanks for your insightful post. I did order the Q Black for my Prime. I'm still waiting on delivery. I'll post my findings once it arrives and I have a chance to listen to it.

Thanks again.
I think you made a good choice and will be very happy with the Quintet Black.  I have one in a Vinyl Nirvana-modified TD160 Super with a SME M2-9 arm and it sings beautifully. BTW, I have used it with the Parasound HINT and they worked well together.  Please do post your impressions when you have had a chance to give it a listen.