Ortofon Quintet Black or Dynavector 20x2L

I own a VPI Prime with PAD Venustas phono cables to a Parasound JC3+ with a Dynavector 20x2L. Amp is Decware SE35I.5 SET, and that goes to Zu Omen Defs MKII with Radin upgrade.

Im thinking of getting a new cart, maybe with a tad more warmth, but I could be pursuaded to just trade it in and get another 20x2. I’ve heard that Ortofons work well with primes, so that’s an option.


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The Quintet Bronze should have the warmer signature and the black more detail, if they’re similar to the the Cadenza line. Also, the Black has a Shibata stylus. I’ve read that shape is closest to the cutting head’s but also has a comparatively rapid rate of wear. 1000 hour estimate on my Cadenza Bronze as compared to my Dynavector XX-2’s 1500. Speaking of Dynavector, my previous 20X2m was full and punchy and I never lacked for warmth. The Cadenza Bronze is fuller, punchier and way more detailed though. I think meaty is a good descriptor of the Bronze character.