Ortofon omega mini review

For some reason I felt compelled to try this Scandavian made $30 marvel.For starters, most negative reviews focused on excessive bass ...and I would agree to a point. The bass is full,round, and surprisingly punchy. Its a bit hot but makes for fun although probably not accurate listen. Bass lines really stand out. Definition on the soft end which is not surprising considering the cost. Tatto You LP sounded big and bold albeit a touch dark.Minimal sibilance and IGD which is remarkable for the price.However,my AT 95 tracks much better for only $20 more and is a far more nuetral, balanced sound...which is why its been a budget king for years...although it is a tad clinical/cold. Top end of ortofon is so what smooth and offers a fair amount of refinement for the price. However, the detail on the 2m red is vastly superior.All in all a fun listen for second systems or beer drinking sessions.

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As put more hours on this budget offering...able to offer a more insightful
review...although my initial impressions still ring true... The top end lacks air and detail but is still pleasant sounding...the bottom end is very energetic and punchy...albeit a tad over the top...the midrange is somewhat recessed and a bit flat...however, this is a $30 unit...the current Shure 97 offers a bit more 3D midrange , has a similar laid back treble, but lacks the low end punch of the Omega...the two are surprisingly voiced closely... With the Omega being less veiled across the entire spectrum...however the Shure is a bit more balanced if one prefers jazz,acoustic, vocals,etc...however I feel the Omega is better choice for rockers...the AT 95 is well balanced but thinner in the bass/mid-bass region...it does offer a more tantalizing treble...and is probably the best all rounder of the bunch...The Shure and AT are superior trackers... There one has it...and roughly half the steet price of the Shure...and still $20 less than the AT..
The Omega makes a compelling arguement for best value
This is a great budget cart for a)late night/low volume listening as the lively, energetic bass is really an asset 2)with used LPs surface noise is fairly low 3)the smooth somewhat soft top end makes for a bery non-fatiguing experience 4)There is a high level of musicality for the price 5)I have had limited sibilance IGD issues 6)one would have to spend $100 or more...such as the 2m red to make a quantum leap...which I did...but this makes for a fun backup...or a cost effective travel cart when at parties, etc