Ortofon OM-30 not Super

I have an Ortofon OM-30 cartridge that's new and was given to me. This is not the current OM-30 Super model, but rather the predecessor to it.
Is anyone familiar with this cartridge, and can you tell me anything about it? Is it worth the trouble to mount it up? (either on my MMF-5 which currently has the stock Goldring 1012gx, or on my old Yamaha YPD-6 which is running a Signet cartridge.)

The OM-30 is a fine moving magnet cartridge.Originally manufactured for use with low mass tonearms like the Dual cs-5000.The sound is detailed,lively,forward,and can be a bit bright if matched with other bright sounding components.I prefer it to the 1012(but not 1042).Some of the signet cartridges were wonderful.You'll just have to listen for yourself.

thanks Larry - exactly the kind of input I was after. I think I'll it a try.
Hi - I'm a fan of all the Ortofon MM's. At their price points especially, they are wonderful sounding cartridges. I way prefer the OM-30 to any of the Shure v15's sonically. Another thing I like about them is that their design (unlike the Shures and others) makes them less susceptible to expensive stylus cleaning mishaps, with much of the cantilever protected by the plastic body.