Ortofon MC Question

I've recently gotten back into vinyl and have had a lot of fun setting things up. In case some of you ask, I've got a Thorens TD125 with an SME 3009 improved, has the detachable headshell. Once I got looking I found a whole bunch of old cartridges that I had packed away in the eighties. I've been trying cartridges with the new TT, like Empire 2000z, Stanton 681EEE, Shure M91ed, and they all sound so much better than they did on my old Garrard DD75. I even bought a new Ortofon super OM30. I almost didn't bother with one of the old carts, being that it's a MC and I thought I'd lost the head amp. Well I found it and installed the Ortofon MC20. This cart sounded better than All the rest. It bothers me because it's probably 20 some years old. What I need to know, are the new Ortofon MC's, like the X-1 and X5, any where the same as my old MC20? I know they're higher output and don't need the head amp, but would they be similar?
Thanks in advance.
I use an Ortofon MC 5000 with its matching step up transformer riding happily in an SME IV and Oracle Limited Edition Premier IV. I'm familiar with the MM cartridges you mentioned, and used to sell them. None of them compare to a reasonably good MC cartridge, such as the Denon 103 or the Ortofon's you mention. Haven't heard the X-1 and X-5. I suspect that you may have to go some to beat you MC20. I wouldn't be quick to push it away. Newer isn't always better. I'm itching to try a Shelter -- I've heard they're good -- and they're priced better than the Ortofons. Enjoy the quest, and welcome back to vinyl.
The new Ortofons will sound even better than the old one you tried. They are nice cartridges.
The X5MC is available for a street price of 115$ US.
The Kontrapunkt A can be had for in the 350$ range.

The A I've not heard but own the B and the X5MC.

Both are excellent cartridges. Is the B 3 times as good as the X5? Not hardly but I would say it a solid 15-20% better. Gains beyond the X5 are hard earned with large dollars. I can say on the MC-20 but I'll bet it's still very competitive. Save your money and see some concerts. Maybe even buy a beverage.

Thanks for the help. I like the sound of the MC20, but some of you have said that there's a shelf life on cartridges, and that they're shot after five years whether used or not. I'm having a lot of fun with vinyl.

I'm replying from "Terra Santa"... Israel, I ALL MY LIFE USE ONLY ORTOFON cartridges, first MM types and NOW I use the "Jubilee", fitted to my Rega RB-300 arm.

As my "Vintage" Canadian, pre-amp; made during the 80ties "Audio - Design" PM-100 already have 2 phonos one for MC and the other for MM, the MC section is "Self-Matching" type, No problem at all.

Good Luck...

I have to respectfully disagree with Loontoon on the Kontrapunkt B. With the proper equipment, break-in, and setup it really is close to the very best. I've owned the SL15E, M20, X5. All good cartridges within their flavors.

I recently bought a used Thorens TD 318 and it came with Ortofon MC 20 MKII. I was enjoying it very much until a friend's child miss-handled it and the stylus came off from the cartridge. Is there anything I can do to repair it?

No. It is broken and must be replaced.
I have the same turntable and arm combination, and had it serviced a couple of years ago. The dealer suggested and installed a Ortofon MC 15 Super, which souds great. IMHO spending more on a cartridge is not worth the effort since the SME 3009 is not the best arm around. And for the 'shell life': my experiences are that if you don't use a cartidge, it will remain good. It'll only need some running-in time after you install it.
I have Empire Turnatable with Empire 2000Z cartridge. But its stylus is broken. Advise me on getting that stylus.