Ortofon M-2000 MKiI

Can not find any info about this cart. Anyone using it????
Forgot to add....MC 2000 MKII is matched with Ortofon T-2000 up-transformer and in good condition. Can have both for around $600 but need some information (anything) about it -ups, downs and whatever is in between.

Also can someone with exp. recommend reasonably priced arm that works well with this tricky cart?????
I know , it works well with its own UP-T and higher mass arms but I want to ask you....the analog junkies for your opinion.
(arm cost - up to $1000 new or used in perfect condition)

Thank you all .......analog lovers and cheers

Dear Mariusz: This one is a modified ( for higher output ) MC 2000 that I own and that till today is a reference performance cartridge ( specially in the high frequency range ) if you have the right Phonolinepreamp because its very very low output.

The MC 2000 MK2 has almost the same quality performance ( high one ) but with a higher output that still is a very low one, that's why they offer along its own step up transformer. At that price it is a bargain if the cartridge is in good operation condition.

These ones could be good choices for a tonearm:



Now, for you can really achieve the real quality performance of that cartridge you need a good active high gain Phonolinepreamp ( wwith out using step up transformers that make a signal degradation. )

Regards and enjoy the music.
Thank you for your inside-full and helpful respond. I have read number of your post and I value your opinion and advice.
So, maybe you could help me some more????? I have no data about this cart or loading preferences .....or if it needs retiping , what would that cost or who could help me with that? Also, I am not sure about my phonostage quality by this cartridge standards. Phonostage is Consonance Ref 40 tube (12AX7 X 2 and EZ80 ractfr. tube or 6V4 US tube).

Input impenanse: 47k ohms MM, 5ohms ~400ohms MC
Input gain: 40db MM, 66db MM -10 times (57db MM - 5 times)
Signal noise: 80db MM, 70db MC
Harmonic distortion: 0.01% for 2v RMS at output

if it isn't strong enough for this cart, can T-2000 UP-T do the trick or will I loose - quality wise by placing it in the chain........and yes I agree, less is more IMO.

Please let me know what do you think

Dear Mariusz: Here are two very good retipping sources:

http://www.decibelhifi.com.au/category28_1.htm and

About your phono stage it seems to me that could help you. Anyway you will have the T-2000 if you think you need it.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Raul, ones again Thanks for your help. Great links. Origin Live was on my mind for some time now , so if you believe it would work with Ortofon MC-2000 MK II - I will keep checking adds for one here and else where. I will try it without Up-T and if it is indeed to much for it to handle I might not have other options but to use it with T-2000 Up-T.
Retiping sources you provided are great and should be OK when the time comes to have some work done one of my carts.