Ortofon Cadenze versus Lyra Delos

Looking to upgrade my cartridge. Listen to a large variety of music.

Considering Ortofon Cadenza Red/Blue versus Lyra Delos.

B&W 804 Diamond speakers
McIntosh MC275 amplifier
Triode TRX-1 preamplifier
Fosgate Signature Phono Stage
VPI Classic 1 turntable
JL Audio F110 subwoofer

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Lyra Delos.
The Lyra Delos has just been given an outstanding product rating in the latest UK HiFi News.
Not so fast my friend...While I have not heard a Delos directly compared with a Cadenza, I can tell you the Cadenza Red is a fine cartridge, detailed without being sterile. I own one. Worth a listen. Obviously, if possible, make a direct comparison and let your ears decide.
I have a Red and a Delos. I prefer the Delos, but the Red is no slouch either.
Either of these these two carts will bring you much music pleasure. I personally favor Lyra, but I have a 2M Red MM for another system and I am amazed at how much it sounds like a higher end MC for only $100.
I agree with Hoopster, ortofon makes some fine cartridges, have not heard the red...sorry, but I have owned a Jubilee for years and can't imagine changing. I have also heard the cadenza bronze many times and it passes excellent information as well.

Lyra is reputed to be excellent also....
Dear Campmx2: Which is your today cartridge and why you are not satisfied with?

Regards and enjoy the music,