Ortofon Cadenza Red vs ZYX R100

I am looking to upgrade my cartridge. I like both Ortofon and ZYX cartridges but never owned any of their models. My budget is $1500 max. My listening involves all kinds of music and all kind of records !!! 50% of my records are oldies, decent condition but not great. So, I am looking for a cart which is a good balance between accuracy and musicality, and has low groove noise. And one parameter that really means a lot to me is Timing.

My TT is a Nouvelle Platine Verdier and tonearm is SME3012 S2.

I have short listed two cartridges:
Ortofon Cadenza Red
ZYX R100 Yatra

Please share your thoughts. These are expensive cartridges so I want to make at least a reasonably informed decision.
No one ? :-(
I've no experience with ortofon but owned the r100. You're going to have some groove noise as the stylus digs deep. Although I've moved on to a MM, I have nothing but good things to say about ZYX carts.