Ortofon Cadenza Red

I am interested in the Ortofon Cadenza Red, but not a lot of reviews out on this particular cartridge and doesn't seem to be discussed as much as the Cadenza Bronze or Black (but these out of my budget).  I was hoping for some feedback on the sonic characteristics of the Red - warm side of neutral, neutral, bright side of neutral, etc…  Lively/Dynamic?   Relaxed/Sweet?  Resolving/Full-Rich?  

I previously had the Quintet Black and thinking of moving up to the Cadenza Red depending on what I get in return.  My tube phono preAmp is the Zesto Andros 1.2 and will go at VPI 3d tonearm and table.  Speakers are Sonus Faber Olympica 3 with a Primaluna HP Integrated Tube Amp.   Thanks in advance.
Why put the Red in the 3D arm?  That arm can accomodate the finest cartridge extant.
What's wrong with the arm?  Not following your response, stingreen.
What's wrong with the red and the 3D arm combo?  
The Cadenza Red and 3D arm sound like it would be a great match.  VPI states the 3D arm was designed using the Quintet Black and VPI has praised most Ortofon cartridges.  If that's your budget, then yes!
My point is that the 3D is such a fine arm, the Red would be a greatly limiting factor.  I use a Windfield with great success with my 3D