Ortofon Cadenza Black Vs A90

I'm very interested in these cartridges & just curious about the opinions of owners, previous owners & anyone who has spent time with either.

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Both are very nice cartridges and share some sonic similarity - but the A90 is heads and shoulders better in all aspects - dynamics - sound staging - tonal palette. The Cadenza Black is one of my go to cartridges for everyday use - demos etc and it never lets me down. The A90 is one of my all time favorites - as with almost any Ortofon cartridge neutral sound i.e. No coloration is the main trait of both.

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Thanks for the info Peter. That's confirmed what I've read in a couple of reviews. 
Which cartridges do you like as much as the A90?

I'm using a Windfield which is (I think) a suped up Black......think it quite extraordinary...especially how its priced.  1000 ohms opens it up...very even and colorless.
In the same price category I'd suggest looking at a Lyra Etna, its a little richer sounding than the Ortofon A90, The Etna presents a more dense and robust soundstage.

Other options are the ZYX, I've had three of them The Universe 2 most recently, the Diamond, and a Airy 3 a while back.  The ZYX are very vivid sounding cartridges.

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Thanks Peter.
What's your view on the Lyra Skala? 
Have never tried one, but Lyra makes fantastic cartridges, used a Delos at a show a few years back, thought it was a excellent cartridge.  

I have in my own system an Atlas and an Etna.

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I use a Cadenza Black with my VPI Aries 3 and am very pleased witht he audio response.  The difference in price between the CB and A90 does not make it a fair match.  I would expect the A90 to better the CB for the price.
Dear infection: If you can tell us about your today analog rig and what are you looking for, because you have three diferent threads about cartridges: diferent cartridges.

So, What are you looking for and your budget?, that's could help to some one gives you a better advise.

regards and enjoy the music,
Sorry about that! 
I'm currently using a Roksan Xerxes 20plus with an Origin Live Encounter MK3C arm & pure silver cable. 

I suppose I want plenty of detail with excellent natural tonal attributes & very dynamic....plus everything else!
From my research a Dynavector XV1-S appears perfect but I can't afford it...!
I'm looking at excellent condition used cartridges with a shortlist comprising of -

•Ortofon A90
•Ortofon Cadenza Black 
•Lyra Skala 
•Dynavector Te Kaitora Rua

If you like the XV-1S and TKR, also look for an XX2 Mk II.  You should be able to find that new at your budget without too much trouble.  It has a slightly higher output (0.3mV) than the TKR, so may be more similar to the A90 or XV-1S in your rig.  Like anything, it's all synergy so try and audition them if you can.

Good luck & happy listening!

Peter have you heard the Miyajima Madake. People say one of the best with Bambo cantaliever.
Thanks effischer...I have considered the DV-XX2 MKII & have read it delivers a lot of performance for the money.

Which would you guys choose -  a Cadenza Black with less than 30 hours for $1500 or a new DV-XX2 MKII for about the same price...?

I've had the Miyajima Kansui for a little while, my friend Tom loaned this one, and I thought it to be a very nice cartridge, it had a "great" flow to it, kinda like the Dynavector XV1S.

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