Ortofon bronze PNP ALERT!!!!!

I purchased a PNP Bronze from a member who said it was less than two months old.
Its the one with the integrated headshell for SME mount or can be used without headshell on a Rega type arm.
Well,I undid the screws and was pulling off the tags,<I've been in Analog since mid seventies and own about 20
cartridges>Anyway the pins coming out of the cartridge body pulled right out.
  This has never happened even on my cheapest junk cartridge.
The seller had a reciept from Turntable Needles and Ortofon said they are not authorized dealer.
They also said it was clearly a manufacturing issue and should have not happened.

Meanwhile,they say I should go after seller for a refund.Well its not the sellers fault and I won't do that.
Neither is it mine,I've removed headshell wires hundreds of times and know what I'm doing.

What amazes me is how PETTY and Crappy a well known respected long time company can be.
ITs amazing that a company like Bryston can offer warranty work to the tenth owner in the 19th year and these
people won't even stand behind a obvious Quality Control DEFECT
Just a word of caution to Ortofon customers,think twice.


It happened to me too with an Ortofon 2m Bronze! It's like they're booby trapped! You can press the pins on with no problem, but when you go to remove the pins they pull out and the cartridge is destroyed!

What is disappointing is that it doesn't seem that Ortofon is acknowledging that there is a systemic design problem with their cartridges....

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From now on I will put a dab of superglue on the pins of every Ortofon cartridge I buy before attaching any clip. Problem solved!
It never happens even with 40 years old vintage cartridges, they are properly made, not like new Ortofon. 

Honestly, i have changed the leadwires on so many carts, moving them from one headshell to another, they are all made in the 70's or in the 80's, and i have never ever had any problem with cartridge pins. 

This is definitely Ortofon's quality control and poor build quality of the modern cartridges from one of the biggest manufacturer.