Ortofon 2M "Silver" an upgraded version o the "Blue", or just a version for packaged TT

I have seen several medium priced tables packaged with an Ortofon 2M "Silver"  Is this an upgraded version of the 2M "Blue", or just hype to enhance the sale of packaged TT's??

Note: I have never seen the "Silver" model in the official Ortofon catalogue or specs??

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In principle the Silver is a hybrid made of

the generator of Bronce or Black
(coils have silver coated copper wire)

and the bonded elliptical stylus of the Red

Thank you to all who have responded. It is heartening amid this terrible pandemic, that members will still reach out and advise and talk about audio to posters

A special thanks to teo-audio 1 for his detailed and technical explanation about the electronics of the cartridge body and how differences in sound quality are determined by materials and  how they are used. 

After almost 40 years of doing high end audio, I often wonder how much even the avid buyer understands about the application of materials and the engineering designs that provide sound.  I don't think it is "just important" to trust your ears and instincts when buying a component, and hoping you have chosen the right pieces to create a synergy that is satisfying and opens the door to understanding what the music is conveying  I believe in the notion ( possibly antiquated) that dealers have an obligation to advise to the best of their knowledge and experience on what components  can create the sound  the buyer is seeking. I believe that requires more than an elementary knowledge of a component's sonic personality.        


My son just bought a Pro-ject turntable with this cartridge included.  It seems to have a very low output, or his new Denon 2.1 receiver just doesn't have a good enough phono section,  I plan to move my circa 1982 Rega up to his room to test the theories.  Maybe I should consider a separate phono pre-amp for his college graduation soon?