Ortofon 2M Red and Denon 110 Is there a big difference in sound quality??

I currently own a U-Turn Basic TT with an Ortofon 2M RED. I am considering changing to a Denon 110 high output moving coil. I have checked with the U-Turn customer service which claims the Denon 110 would be a very good match. I use a Moon 110LP with a CJ PV-14SE line stage 

The Ortofon sounds good and better than expected. I had a 2M Blue a few years ago on a Rega P3-24 table and did not like it  because the cartridge picked up too much surface noise which the RED does not. . Even though,,I have a modest LP collection, I think I am missing several things with the Ortofon, like better sound staging and separation of instruments.  

@sunnyjim why do you want to try low budget high output MC if you can just find some killer vintage MM (used) for much more reasonable price? Low budget MC cartridges are not neutrial, they are colored. If you don’t like those Ortofons (i don’t like them) try the AT20SLa which is great for the money. The AT-ML170 is amazing. I hope you already checked this TAS article? The alternative to the Ortofon is not the DENON HOMC, but just a decent MM with advanced stylus profile and cantilever. I’ve been using HOMC Dynavector DV30a and we have discussed here why the HOMC are inferior to LOMC. But the best MM beats them all. Last month i have shipped another spare AT-ML170 to audiophile in Texas, the guy is into LOMC sound, yesterday he reported back: " this no doubt is the BEST cartridge I’ve had in my system by Far!" I agree, the AT-ML180 that i use myself is just slightly better.

And why the AT20SLa is great too? Because the styli are still available. This is high compliance MM. 
Denon  does miss some detail   but is more musical than  the red , easier to listen to . I ran both side by side in two TT setup for a few months .Jazz
mostly .
I used to have a Pro-Ject Debut with a 2M Red and replaced it with the Denon DL-110.  Huge improvement.  Price/performance of the Denon is superb.

Lot's of other choices though as @chakster mentioned.

Good luck.
@chakster ...couldn’t be that your touting these cartridges because you have them for sale? The links are clearly to your ads on another site. Shame on you...
@mofimadness not sure what’s the problem if i have them for sale, does it makes the rare cartridge bad if they are for sale? I do sell my own AT-ML170 just because i have AT-ML180 (next model). This is expensive hobby, you know. But it’s wonderful cartridge and it’s not just my opinion. If you don’t believe to a fellow audiogonners you’re free to ignore it, i’m not a pro seller or a dealer after all, i paid my dues to find them. There are a lot of information to read and high quality pictures to watch on my links just for information purpose.

On the other hand we can judge the cartridge performance level only if we had multiply samples. I know what i’m talking about because i’ve had 3 samples of AT-ML170 before i bought more expensive AT-ML180.

The first cart in this series that impressed me was the AT-ML150
@chakster ...I was an Audio Technica dealer for many years and currently own quite a few AT carts, including all that you mention above and more. So, I’m pretty familiar with the sound and performance. I agree, they are indeed very good.

My point was that it looked like, (or read like, to me) that you were talking up these carts because you have them for sale. The forum is not a place for selling personal items, it's actually against forum rules.

Sorry for the discourse...

TO chakster:  I have to agree with mofimadness that AG is not the format to sell your personal audio items.

This forum's goal is to provide information, answer and ask questions. about audio products. 

I can only speak about my personal items here, those i have checked, listened and enjoyed in my system, still use the carts from this series, i believe they are the best, you're free to agree or not. But i hope the high quality pictures (i took myself) and alot of information is what this forum is all about. The format of the forum does not allow us to add picture gallery easily. External links is what we have to use anyway, this is what i do. This is how it works, and i'm sure there are tons of usefull information for any cartridge collectors or for audiophiles who are not familiar with some rare cartridges. You don't have to buy anything to read and learn more about some nice cartridges. I wish everyone could do the same on audiogon, not just a plain text.  
You don't have to buy anything to read and learn more about some nice cartridges. I wish everyone could do the same on audiogon, not just a plain text.  
You can NOT link from the forum to sale ads.  You could accomplish the same thing, (i.e. information gathering) by linking to reviews, factory specs, discussions, etc.  Please abide by the rules.  All the rest of us do, (well, we try to anyway).