ortofon 2m bronze vs rega Exact 2 cartridge

Hi every one I just currently upgraded to a new rp8 and looking for a new phono cartridge for it then my old one. My old one is an Ortofon VMS20E MKII mc. My phono preamp is a cary audio slp-98p with triode tube MM phono stage. I like the idea of the Ortofon bronze and changing out the styles to a 2m black without upgrading the hole cartridge. The the rest of my system is a CAD 120s power amp and totem acoustic forest speakers and Kimber 12tc speaker cable and silver streak interconnects.
Which one would be a better match?
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I have had a Bronze and now a Black. The Bronze is a very nice cartridge but the back is way better. Have not heard the exact
The Rega Exact 2 will be a perfect match for the Rega arm on the RP8, with all of the parameters for alignment and VTA optimized with its three point mount. While the Ortofon is arguably a better cartridge, getting it setup optimally in the Rega can be more challenging. It's stylus profile is somewhat sensitive to proper VTA, and may require the use of a tonearm spacer at the base of the arm to get it right. So my suggestion is that if you or your dealer are able to set it up properly then go with the Ortofon, but if you're not the Rega is still a solid choice. Good luck, Jake!
Fly in the ointment here. I prefer the Bronze over the Black. It sounds more alive while the Black sounds more closed in and darker. Both were new so maybe the Black need to open up. I would go with the Bronze, tweak the VTA and see how it goes.
You might consider changing the Kimber cable to some PCOCC solid core. You will notice a purer sound, better focus and less "noise".
If you're able to tweak the VTA with shims to your liking, then by all accounts either the Bronze or Black should be a good mate with your arm. I've only used the Rondo Bronze with a Rega-style arm on a Linn, but was able to adjust the VTA, so that won't be of much help to you.

I'm currently breaking in an Exact 2 on my Rega RP10 until my Apheta 2 comes in from backorder. As others have said, easy to setup a Rega cart on a Rega arm.

I'm running the RP10 into the MM section of a Zesto Andros, then into an SLP-98P line stage and Six Pac amps. Will let you know how things sound after break-in.
I have never been a fan of the Rega three-point mounting. The alignment is basically Stevenson, which makes perfect sense if you listen to classical music as the highest groove velocities are freqently at the end of the side, however for jazz and popular music the Baerwald alignment is thought by many to be superior. I prefer this alignment, even when using Rega cartridges.

The Ortofons are designed to be compatible with the Rega arms and, it's completely a matter of personal taste, but I would take the Bronze and align it with Baerwald algnment, though the Exact is also a cracking good cartridge and many will prefer it.
I just went to buy a Ortofon black and the Dealer talked me into a Bronze. Said the Black is a shibata and a lot more fussy. And the bronze was half the price 
@tommy89 - You've got a very honest dealer, what he told you is true. The Black's Shibata stylus profile is much more critical of exact VTA than the line contact stylus in the Bronze, and that is not easily accommodated by using spacers with the Rega arms. Enjoy your new Ortofon 2M Bronze, but realize that it will take some time for full break-in until it will sound its best.
Having set up perhaps 500 TT’s over last 50 years , I would never put a shibata or other" fine line" cart on any TT without a" adjust as you play" VTA
mechanism .
The new Pioneer PLX-1000 has an adjustable 360 degree round the arm base adjustment dial, VERY easy to adjust on the fly and an excellent sound, IMO better than about anything under 2K anyway .