Ortofon 2M Black or Dynavector 20x2

Hello to everyone who can give some insight, and those who can't. I have a VPI Traveler V1 with an Ortofon 2M Blue and after a year I want better sound, the Blue seems too up front and bold if that makes sense, I think I'm missing depth.
The question is, MM or MC, and for what budget ? The Dyna and the Black both seem within what i'm looking to spend. I have a Heed Quasar if it matters.

Still a newb ,
I have a DV20 low output on a VPI Scout and really like it. Would definitely buy it again.
Check my threads. I've spoken to this question.
You are missing depth with the MM cart. Short answer: Go with the Dynavector low output version if you can or the high output version if you don't want to add a pre-preamplifier.
Grado Reference Sonata 1 should be on your list!
Dynavector...or save some, and try an AT-33PTG II
Thank everyone for feedback and advise. I now have an AT33PTG/ii. I don't know much but so far so good after 25+ hrs. This is really a nice cartridge.