Orthodynamic headphones, Anyone?

I am ordering the Fostex T50rp at a very ridiculous closed out price. There are so many controversary feebacks regarding the T 50rp since all ears are not created equally. Being a fan of ML for some 10/15 years, I want to see how these cans compare to the Senn HD650 and the AKG 702.

While the Aude'ze LCD2 is my next goal, I am wating for my T50rp patiently. Please throw a newbie some of your feedback.
You'd probably have better luck at Head-Fi on that query. I have a pair of LCD-2's that I like very much, but they are not without flaw. That said, they're one of the very best headphones I've heard. I cannot speak for the Fostex as I've not heard them.
Jax2...what headphone amp are you using with your LCD-2s?
Asgard amp by Schiit Audio has a good review and cheaper than Burson HD160.

I wonder if Jax has a chance to compare the two.
Jax2...what headphone amp are you using with your LCD-2s?

I use a Woo WA6SE maxxed. It has very good synergy with those cans, but it is quite literally the only amp I've personally tried as I only received my LCD-2's in late September. Wait time is current around 6 weeks if you preorder.

I've not tried the Schitt Asgard nor the Burson. Schitt (pronounced how you'd hope not) is coming out with the Lyr amp which is a hybrid that is designed specifically with orthos in mind. They are currently taking preorders (just under $450 as I recall) and say they'll be shipping the first ones in March.

I'm going to be trying another hybrid; the Apex Peak Volcano with the Audeze pretty soon. I'll post a review and comparison over on Headfi (I am "Jax" there). That amp is also a respected partner for LCD-2s. Other than the Woo, which is excellent, no other amp experience to share. The LCD-2s do a whole lot right. The only place I can fault them, and this is to my ears, is that they have a fairly dramatic shelving down starting at 1K. The highs can sound a bit recessed in that regard. OTOH, I've listened to cans that err in the opposite direction, like the original HE5, and they require a Costco sized bottle of Aspirin for the headaches that accompany them.

Again, there is far far more input on the headphone-specific forums than you'll find here, especially on the Audeze. I'm sure the OP will find some input on the Fostex as well. As anything on Internet chat sites - take it with a bag of salt and make your own judgments with your own ears.
Jax2...thanks very much. Appreciate the feedback. I have been looking at the Woo WA6 (not SE version) but I will wait to see what the feedback is on the Lyr as well. I am happy to hear that the WA6SE has no problems driving the LCD-2s. Enjoy the new cans and will look for your comments on Headfi.
I've read the comments of a few folks, including Skylab, who have liked the WA6 LCD-2 combination. The SE version has just a bit more power and I haven't found it lacking in any way, or with any type of music. They are certainly picky headphones as far as which amp to use from what I've read about them - there is a thread on Headfi just about which amp to use with LCD-2s. I've been told that either Sankar or Alex (partners who own Audeze) owns a WA6SE and uses it to show off the LCD2's at shows, among other amps. Don't quote me on that, but look into it if it interests you.
Jax2...thanks again for the follow up. Will look up the thread on Headfi. Enjoy the new cans. Apologies to the OP...I hope I did not derail the thread with my questions. Back to the regular programming on the Fostex T50.
For under $60.00, my firts half hours impression that the T20rp is one freaking amazing cans for Blues and Soft Jazz.

The mid is amazing while I have to boost the treble up a few DBs. Bass in classic rocks is a bit bloating. It's indeed a left and right kind of sounds.

Well, I am kind of like it: smooth and not one bit of harsh sound. I am sure after so many more hours, the T 20rp will be up there with the high price cans.

My T 50rp is on the way and I probably do some mods to dampen the bass.

Get some change to play around, I recommend these cans.