Ortho Spectrum Speaker Filters?

Has anyone tried the Ortho Spectrum speaker filters being advertised by Delve Audio?
If they are as effective as the Walker HDL, they are worth trying.
I have tried these on three separate speakers. In all cases, I like what they did to the music. From top to bottom, everything became more palpable/organic. I didnt note any drawbacks either. The difference they make isnt small. Anyone can hear it :)
Thanks - I just ordered two sets.
I'll chime in here, since there's been so little discussion of this product anywhere.

The claims of the available online review (http://stereotimes.com/acc041402.shtm) for the ML-206 Musicalizer were pretty outrageous, but in my system I found all of them to be true. There were unquestionable improvements in both detail and musicality which probably couldn't have been gotten any other way, and no negatives. I'd rate them quite highly in absolute terms, and in terms of price/performance ratio.

I'd be curious to hear how you liked them, Ljgj.
I cannot really say that it is an amazing difference. I feel that it is noticeable for a clearer and more defined instrumentation of the music - a darker background - a bit less noise. I will take them off one channel and see if I notice one side is better or if these improvements are just imagined. I biamp so I use two sets per side.