Orpheus Zero D. What DAC to use?

I just got myself a 2nd hand Orpheus transport. Was wondering what DAC should I use it with? Off course ideally it should be with orpheus heritage dac which is ultra expensive. My main source is a Raven AC turntable. Usually play digital source for convenient and for newer titles like stockfisch cd, mandarin cd etc which is basically vocal. Currently using CEC TL51x with Benchmark DAC. Any opinion is welcome. Option shld be in the price range between USD2-3k used. Happy listening
Looks like not many people is using Orpheus Zero transport?
humm ,i would think differently ,i find the dac quite bass shy .had a drive and i liked the audio aero prima dac se ,absolutely awesome
Could you comment about how the Orpheus Zero D is compared to CEC TL51x?
Try the Altmann Attraction DAC.
For sure Orpheus has a classy remote control- 1st class. I find that it sounded faster, more dynamic and seems to have a wider soundstage. Beyond that I didnt bother to do much comparison. Rather enjoy the music. Altmann DAC? Great review but using car battery? Well I m not too sure. Where I m from, no opportunity to test it. Aero dac? might be interesting. If i m not mistaken, aero is using anagram technologies. TQ for responding