Orpheus speakers from the '80s, Woodstock NY

A friend has a pair of these speakers - appear from pictures to be LS3/5a -ish size, 2-way with a large passive radiator on rear. The friend had them worked on a while ago (deteriorating surrounds on the bass driver & passive radiator) and the local shop slapped in new drivers, etc.
Looking for information on original configuration/driver compliment.
What details I know:
Purchased 1982/3
Mfg'd in Woodstock, NY
Name: Orpheus
Wood cabinet, tweeter (3/4" diameter) & mid/bass (4-5"dia.) with passive radiator on rear (6+" dia.)
I have checked the web - found only the current Orpheus in NSW Australia...not the same,
Thanks for the help,
Any luck finding this info? I like passive radiator designs so I am curious about this.
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I am afraid that this was a small company that went quietly into that good night, and has not been heard from since...

I may try this post on another board and see what happens...
Happy listening