Ornette Coleman...

...turned 75 today.

Listening one of my favourite of his recordings "Sound Museum" and "Song X"(with Pat Metheny) I join everyone who has for him the best wishes on his anniversary!
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"Genius of Modern Jazz." amazing....
Warren is dead on, hard to over state his contribution. People who open up new possibilities and really change an artform like he as are rare. The Art Of Improvisers record is full of beautifully interlocking parts and has a sense of humor that can keep you hooked for life, (Ed Blackwell's drums alone make this one a classic).
Tomorrow Is The Question! has been in my regular rotation for past two months. What a well balanced and extremely approachable work. If only I had heard that one years ago, I'd be much further along. It has been only over the past year that I have truly gotten Ornette. I echo the sentiments above, his music is amazing and stands apart.
The Shape of Jazz to Come/1959---still, one of my favorites of all time...Sax wise....
Couvajazz, purchased Tomorrow is the Question from your post. ooolala.. amazing and good quality sound for a 1959 recording....any other must have Ornette recordings? thanks in advance...warren
Glad to hear you are enjoying it too. Well, you already have one of two that I'd recommend, TSOJTC. The other would be something quite a bit different, 1960 Free Jazz (A Collective Improvisation). I expect to grab a copy of This Is Our Music soon.
Happy listening. I'd welcome suggestions too.