Oris Horns

Hello all,
I have nearly completed building a set of Oris horns I picked up a few years back. Fine set of speakers but I am afraid they are going to have to go. I am curious if anyone has actually tried to ship these and what lengths you had to go through to insure they were not damaged. Currently they are Pearl White base coat, clear coat with the rear chamber wrapped in an Anegre wood veneer capped in the rear with 1" oak turned to match the diameter. With that in mind it leaves a lot of room for damage.
Why are you getting rid of them?
As far as shipping goes, they will need to be well packed and padded of course, but most importantly, palletized professionally, and then sent by a reputable freight carrier. There are heavier and more cumbersome speakers than yours that get shipped by freight and arrive safely. Of course, the price is high. I have paid $500 -$600 twice.
Good luck.
The build is what I enjoy, I think. I still haven't completely decided to sell them, the idea keeps hovering around and hearing what it will take to ship them makes me lean toward not selling. I have owned three sets of Oris horns. One set I purchased from Burt and the other two were bought second hand. I've enjoyed them all but there is always another build I want to try.