Orion Speakers truly great or too finicky

These speakers from Mr Linkwitz appear to be a very interesting proposition.Having attempted to build an active loudspeaker myself with some success (though not entirely happy), I would be very appreciative of any impressions/advice from fellow inmates about his speakers. I would especially like some assistance in possibly aditioning this system or in purchasing a kit in which the electronics are already assembled. I am happy to try building the cabinet if I can get a hold of the plans.
I live in Sydney Australia.
Thanks again
Truly great.

I built the kit from Wood Artistry, and bought the pre-assembled ASP/crossover. Fun project, and the results rewarding. You can buy the plans from Linkwitz if you have the tools and skill to build them from scratch.

Finicky? They aren't plug-n-play convenient. Don't bother with them unless you are serious about sound reproduction.

Email me if you have more specific questions.
Your room NEEDS to be big enuogh to set them up as per recommended. Make sure. Otherwise I am not sure they're worth the expense. I have heard them in a small room - not fabulous.
I heard these at Mr Linkwitz's home in Marin and they are fabulous...I would own them but I love the gear too much and like to try many things and these are not condusive to this. But they hit way above their weight and compete with anything I am aware of under $20k...just great speakers.
How big is a big room. Mine is a 5mx5m room which has a 0.5m low wooden cabinet along the wall for storage of items.

Is this big enough?

You need 1-1,2 metres from the back wall, so your room shold be OK. ASAIK you can order the electronic xover assembled construct the actual spkr cabinets and assemble yourself. The plans supplied are very good.
Sonically, the spkrs are, of course, excellent.