original vs. current system

I imagine all of us who follow this forum are audiophiles. I am interested in  the components of your original system , the year,and how those components compare to your present set up to include  turntable, cartridge, amplification and speakers... ,
I'd guess many have evolved quite a bit.  In the early days, as a poor college student and waiter in a restaurant, I had an Acurus 100 watt amp and an Acurus preamp.  That stayed with me for years and years.  I had a pair of Canton monitor speakers in that era, an Acurus CD player and a entry level Rega (forgot the model, but it was the cheapest one with the cheapest cartridge!)

When I began to make a bit more money, and when I had the space, I began to upgrade.  The Cantons got upgraded to Definitive Technologies towers, and finally upgraded again to Rockport Mira Monitors and a Wisdom Audio Sub.

The Acurus amp made way for a BAT VK55, which eventually made way for an Audio Research VT100.  The Acurus Pre was changed to the Audio Research LS-25.  There were some short lived off shoots now and again.  I had a Classe Audio preamp for a short while.

The turntable got a cartridge upgrade to a Dynavector 10x5, and then the table itself became a JA Michell Tecnodec, which eventually got a cart upgrade to a Lyra Delos.

Somewhere along the way I picked up Shunyata power and Cardas Audio cables.

That's pretty much it.  Now my wife is pregnant, so I don't see any audio upgrades coming anytime soon!  Maybe some fuses and a very maybe on some interconnect cables at some point.  Perhaps when the kids go to college I'll get back to burning dollars :-)

Ah, the DAC and phono pre also had a lot of changes.
Cambridge DACMagic to the PS Audio PWD II.  The phono pre went from a little NAD PP, to a PS Audio GCPH, then to an Audio Research, and finally to a Whest.
Sony ES receiver and matching cd player, Cerwin Vega AT-12 loudspeakers and monster cable.  Circa 1980's into the early 1990's.
Current system is a work in progress built around a sweet pair of Thiel CS 2.4SE loudspeakers.  Happy Listening!