Original Transfiguration Temper?

Does anyone have the specifications of the original Transfiguration Temper, especially the internal impedance? Anyone can tell me how it compares sonically to the later versions Supreme and V? Michael Fremer reviewed it in Stereophile May 1999, but I can´t get a hold of it.
I owned the original,for a number of years.As did a friend.I don't have the specs any longer,but,I can say,without hesitation,the "V" I currently have is SIGNIFICANTLY better.Inner detail,and on up the list of accolades!!NOT CLOSE!!

I'm sure there will be posts giving you the old spec.Good Luck!

I would like to add one other point,not often indicated.The Trannys are sort of like old Hondas.You can't kill them.Both,mine and my friend's,lasted for years,with little deterioration.My friend abused the heck out of his.I actually had to clean it out for him twice(he lives in a very dusty/static environment).Even with a rigorous double cleaning,something I would not have done to my unit,his worked superbly.I was shocked at how hardy these are.I,obviously am fanatical about my own cartridge maintenance,but wanted to express how well made this design is.I wonder if the "high priced spread" stuff can compare,here?
For what it (may be) worth -- the following from a post on AA:

"I am currently using a couple of 1678's at 1:32 in front of a DIY Hagerman Cornet MM phono stage (about 44dB gain). My cartridge is an original Transfiguration Temper (0.25mV and 3 Ohm internal res)."
Ngarch,like "The Lone Ranger",or any worthy Super Hero,I knew it would be YOU who would come up with the task of identifying and analyzing info,others were in "Desperate" need of.
How often do you don your cape?
Thank you all, sounds like I better wait for a Temper V coming up at one point.