Original Theta Data Transport

What are your opinions on purchasing one of these today? Are there reliability issues? Are they bettered by more modern simple cd players? Are they expensive to repair?

parts no longer available period
Great transports. but I don't know about ALL parts not being avail but the transport mech are not. HOWEVER for $700 (probably more than you'd pair for a Data) you can have it fixed at the manufacture (I'm talking just the transport mech). So, unless you can verfy one has had little use....
With all due respect to Mejames, especially since I really don't know the answer and I can't verify and of the following: with regards to parts not being available; I'm not sure if this is true and I'm not sure that it isn't. There seems to be some controversy about the foundation of these units. It was originaly reported in Stereophile that these units were based on a Philips mechanisim. Some have stated that this was erroneous and that it was based upon a Pioneer mechanism. Further more, some have suggested that even if were a Philips mechanism,that Phiips really used a Pioneer mechanism in their LD players. As Pioneer still offers LD players parts may or may not be available.
The Data and Data II were based on the Philips CDV400 laser disc player. You can take that to the bank, as I've had both of these side by side with the covers off. The Data III was based on the Pioneer 704 player.
I owned an original Thaeta transport. The laser burned out twice and then the transport mechanism died within 8 years. This was not fixable unless I acquired the mechanism myself. To be fair, Theta service was excellent: timely and helpful. My recommendation would be to steer clear of old Theta transports.
Does anyone know if Philips used Pioneer parts in their LD players?