Original Theta Casanova vs. Casanova II

Can anyone explain what the differences are between these units?
There used to be an open letter to CBI owners on the Theta website (www.thetadigital.com). You might try emailing them. As I recollect, the CBII has some cosmetic changes (blue vacuum display), some slightly more substantive mods (the CBII is programmable via RS232 using free software; I believe any input can now be mapped to any output; output names freely definable), and some additional real mods (jitter jail now built-in, as well as DTS and DD5.1, more filter options). This is from memory. I could be wrong on some points. Didn't impress enough to shell out the bucks on the upgrade.
I have not heard about a Casanova II. Where did you hear about it? I didn't see anything on the web site.


I'm a dummy who can't read. I thought the original post was referring to the Casablanca. Whups. I didn't think there was a CNII either...