Original Shunyata Hydra Owners

Anyone who has or had an original Shunyata line conditioner.Did you upgrade from the included power cord(which was a Sidewinder I believe) to any other Shunyata cord with the Nema connector plug.If so,what were the sonic differences/improvements?
I am a dealer and have tried several along with other brands. Your dealer should be helpful and also let you try different ones. That's his job.

There is only a handful of power cords that are a real upgrade while most are just different.

Even in the Shunyata line there are differences between models. The only Shunyata I didn't like in it was the second from the bottom cable where as all the others worked well but had differing degrees of improvement.
I used to have one of these years ago. Have a Hydra Vray II now. Better power cords make a huge difference. I'd call a dealer or Shunyata, I am sure they can give you advice on what works best from their line up.

I have seen a few here that have used other mfg's and they seem to like it.

Honestly, expect a big difference if you move up to something like a Anaconda or King Cobra. It's not subtle.
I used to have original Hydra, but upgraded and used Elrod PC. David Elrod re-terminated for me. You also can but adaptor and use whatever PC you want. I think Voodoo Cables has adaptor.
Shunyata Hydra power conditioners rolls off highs. Even
Monster HTS3600 betters Hydra.
The Running Springs may roll of highs which can help a lot of equipment but the Hydra does not and what Kina is missing from the Monster is the grain that he thinks is highs.

My amp and pre-amp have a 10 Mhz. bandwidth at full output and the Shunyata didn't roll off those highs.
I have a Hydra two, and upgraded to an Annaconda Helix and never regretted it.

I once auditioned all the snakes using a cd player and a Cary 300sei amp and listened to music thru headphones.

No question about it, you could hear the differnce in clarity and resolution as you moved up the line.

At the time that meant buying Annacondas for all my electronics.
Yes, but I know my gear is performing as it should.

I would suggest others try a similar experiment using phones to evaluate power cords.
You eliminate a few links in the chain that can affect your perception about what a quality power cord can do.
You eliminate room and speaker colourations and their interactions.