Original RtR Legacy -1 (information needed) verses PSB Stratus Gold

Does anyone know anything about the Reel to Real Designs original Legacy -1?  I know it was made from 1987 to 1994 and sold for around $2000. It looks just like the Legacy classic but the classic has a Kevlar midrange and  one of the woofers is in back verses the bottom on the original  Also no rear firing tweeter on the original.  Hard to find much on these.  Threw out the original PSB Stratus Gold as a reference.  FYI  I like the sound of the PSB Gold better then the Gold i I had. A little more  alive to my ear.  Thanks
I don't think you'll find much info here on Agon on the Legacy speakers going back that far.  I'd suggest calling Legacy and see if they can help you with any info.