Original Rega Planet vs. new Jupiter

I'm really an analog guy but 2 years ago I added to my secondary system a used Rega Planet, the original, to start a cd collection. I have been thinking about upgrading by purchasing used a 2000 version Rega Jupiter.. can any of you experienced with the sound of these two tell me if it's worth the upgrade and what the differences are or improvements the jupiter makes over the planet, if any and how noticable? thank you for any help.
I had purchased the Rega Planet in 1999 and upgraded to the Jupiter in 2002. The improvement most notable for me was in the bass response which had more weight to it. There was also a slight increase in detail. The Jupiter still has the rega sound which is slightly warm and dark which, for many people is not necessarily a bad thing. Given that the changes were not that pronounced between the two players I'm not sure if upgrading to the Jupiter is the way to go. I would A/B other players in the $2500 - $3000 range like the Ayre, Moon, etc.. I would also recommend the idea of listening to the Musical Fidelity DAC A324(I think it goes for $1200) in conjunction with your Planet.
Good luck...
I have owned the original planet, planet 2000, and listened to the Jupiter 2000 extensively. From original planet to Juppiter 2000 is a definite, easily audible upgrade. I second the weight and detail improvements as well.

I also second listening to other CD players in this price range, but if you know you like the sound of your Planet, you wont be dissappointed in the Planet.
I owned the original Rega Planet and eventually settled with the Arcam FMJ CD23T after numerous upgrades including DACs. The Planet does NOT make a good transport for a DAC. I also found the Jupiter 2000 to be much better than both the Planet and Planet 2000. The Jupiter 2000 is much more open and airy, but the resolution is not much better than the Planet 2000.

As for the FMJ CD23T which I picked up on Audiogon for about $1300, I am very pleased with the detail and transparency that a lot of people already wrote about. It is also ruthlessly revealing.

An alternative you may consider is a used Jolida 100 tube CD player. I spent 30 minutes A/B comparing that with the Jupiter 2000. I prefer the Jolida at a used price of about $725 over a used Jupiter at a used price of about $1000.

Feel free to contact me directly if you like to talk about this some more.
i've owned all three and the descriptions are quite accurate.

original planet to jupiter2k is quite substantial. still sounds like a rega, and frequency extensions are better. still warm-sounding and non-fatiguing. very worthwile, imho.
I'll echo the comments here. The Original Planet was a fine player and is still a steal at its used price. The Jupiter offers greater detail, greater extension. greater inner detail,m and far better soundstaging. In addition each note has a natural weight to it. Bass response is much much better in the Jupiter. If you like the Rega sound which is darker, snmoother, and non-analytical then the jupiter will be a definite improvement. I always tel lmy non-audiophile friends to look at Rega when they ask me for advice. The gear is well priced, looks nice, and sounds loads beter than anything in its price range, save a tie with Musical Fidelity which sounds different but not better.