Original ProAc Response 2 vs. Gibbon Super 8

I have a pair of the original ProAc Response 2 with stands and am thinking of replacing them with the Super 8. Could anyone who has experienced both speakers tell me if this would be an upward move. The following components will be connected:

Quicksilver KT88 monos (60watts)
Reference Line Preeminence - Dual mono passive
CEC TL2 transport / DIY DAC
Merrill/Scillia MS2 TT
Michael Yee phono
the ProAc's are classic speakers ... have not heard both but the ProAcs are still very good even by todays standards
the response 2's are indeed 'classics'. the gibbon is a great speaker, but imo this is a change for the sake of change.
floor standing vs. monitors, all else equal? no contest.
Before you replace the Response 2s, check to see if the woofer/midrange is tightly attached to the cabinet. Both my Response 2 and Response 3 suffered from a gradual loosening of the bolts, and re-tightening them made a world of difference.
Have your Response 2 had any maintenance? ProAc speakers of that age are all coming due for woofer replacement. For some reason refoaming is not good enough and woofer replacement is recommended at $300 each.

It is my opinion these foam surrounds are not going bad overnight rather they are slowing becoming weaker with age and gradually changing the sound. I have a feeling the aged sound is preferred by most users because it is common to see ProAc speakers with recent woofer replacement for sale. It obviously takes a lot more power to get the same bass with the new tighter surrounds.

Because of woofer foam rot and this potential for ever changing sound I have decided to stay away from speakers using this type of driver.
I have owned both and IMO, hands-down the Super 8s are better speaker in all aspects. However, they are very different "sounding" speakers, I would try and give the 8s a listen before buying as you may not like the DeVore "house sound".

Enjoy the Journey!
Hi, I'm for the ProAcs myself--don't like the "House Sound " of the DeVores -as poster above put it.

Thanks for varying responses. I think I will stick with the original Response 2. Until I find a local auditioning spot, why gamble. - Thanks
I had my Response 2 woofers re-foamed by Millersound and have been VERY pleased with the results. I've had 4 prs of ProAcs over the years so I suspect I would have heard any degradation in performance.
I have a pair of Response 2s that need re-foaming, could you tell me how to contact Millersound? I just can't swallow the $500 apiece replacement fee for new ProAc woofers.