''Óriginal parts'', ''identity '' and ''retip'' conundrum

The ''identity enigma'' is easy to explain with ''ownership''. Not everyone is familiar with logic or philosophy but everyone owns something or other.

Ownership assume ''one to one relation'' between an person (legal

bodies included) and one object of ownership. Think of question how

you can prove to own some object. You can also think about question

how to prove to be owner of, say an part of your stolen car.

What the ''force'' of the expression ''original'' is , is an enigma.

However Americans are typical example of   people who are very

fond of ''original parts'' and willing to pay huge amount of money

for the ''precious'' (grin). By the so called ''retips'' the assumption

is also ''original'' versus ''not original parts''. This means that 

every manufacturer as well ''retiper'' uses his own styli and or

cantilevers. The fact however is that they all buy those ''parts''

by either by Namiki or Ogura. So, logicaly speaking, the origin

of those ''parts'' are either Namiki or Ogura. Is gluing an cantilever/

stylus combo in the ''joint pipe'' rocket science?


Dear jcarr, I am speechless. If one can believe this about an

lawyer (grin). But you provided all  ''entities'' with their identities

as logic and scientific discussion presuppose. The most of us are

laymen but willing to learn, You are a kind of our Professor and

we all are proud to have you in our forum. Many thanks.

Hi wolfie, Kant wrote an book about ''pure reason'' and one about 

''practical reason'', Your contribution is obvious about ''practical

reason''. The one that ''counts'' for the most of us. You are probably

to young to know who Marlene Ditrich was. The older among us 

admire her because of her legs. She was wondering why American

women are so badly clothed, She stated : ''at present (1960) one can

get decent cloths for ONLY $ 100000 ''. At present there are also

carts for + 15 K...  

Even though I just bought a new Hegel V10 so that I could play my records, this conversation makes my head spin. It’s hard to be a vinyl aficionado! 

After the lecture of our Professor JCarr and the ''synthesis'' by dover:

''it comes down to economics and budget''  we may try to ''reduce

the complexity'' of  our questions  to some ''well- organized survay'',

Retips in their ''cheap budget domain'' as  contrapositioned to '''rebuild'' or

''refreshment by the manufacturer'' may form ''division line'' in the sense

of what is affordable to whom. My guess ''division'' is at $ 3000 . Obviously

arbitrary but those who can afford ''refreshment'' are ''other category'' of

income earners. Think of those ''astronomical prices '' of MC cartridges,

Those who can afford them will certainly not care about ''retips'' in their

''inferiour interpretation'' So ''retips'' are not their problem. The fact that

there are pretty many producers which aim at the rich among us imply

that those are not scarce, One need ro accommodate to new riches from

the not expected former socialistic countries  like China and Russia.

 We don't need to be envy, There are plenty excellent  carts from both 

kinds for ''modest prices''.