Original Lps with cool posters.....

Recently picked up Santana Abraxas, Eagles Hotel Ca, Kinks Misfits, etc...all came with really cool posters....any other lps from this era that come to mind? DOSTM ofcourse...
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John Lennon Imagine- came with poster of J.L. at the piano and a post card sized photo of J.L. posed with a Pig like P. Mc. with his ram!
Chicago at Carnegie Hall (Chicago IV) - 4 LP box set w/ several posters and a booklet.
I remember Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" LP having two posters and a sheet of pyramid-themed stickers. I still have the original stickers intact. Unlike everyone else in high school, I didn't stick them all over my schoolbooks.

I also remember the Paul McCartney & Wings LP "London Town" coming with a poster. And the Beach Boys "Endless Summer" included one as well.

The album "Hallelujah" by Sweathog (world class band name) included a great poster that (I think) hung on my best friend's bedroomm wall through much of high school.

Goat's Head Soup
Rush-Exit...Stage Left
had a cool live poster.
It was later a Mountain Dew promo.
Or 7-11 promo. I forget which one.
who can't forget the poster that came with the queen album jazz
The John Lennon Lp w/ JL at the white piano came w/ the album "John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band" and not the "Imagine" album.

The "Goodbye Cream" Lp has a poster "Farewell from the Cream".

Sex Pistols "Never Mind the Bollocks" had a terrific poster.

The Who "Live at Leeds" had one of my favorite posters and lots of other misc. reprinted pieces from various gigs.

Ten Years After "A Space in Time" had a quality poster of Alvin Lee working his guitar.

Bob Dylan's "Greatest Hits - Vol. I" had a now-classic poster.

Simon & Garfunkel "Bridge Over Troubled Water" Lp poster.

Pete Townsend Lp "Who Came First"
Original copies of Queen Jazz had a poster of maybe 30 naked women on bicycles. Probably rare since I'm sure it was sensored. Found this in a copy given to me by someone who had purchased it new.
The white album
Gosh, I'm sure I'll think of others, but:

Chicago V came with at least one huge poster of the band.
ELP's Brain Salad Surgery on vinyl came with a poster of the band with lyrics on the other side.
And Thick As A Brick was a whole "newspaper!"
I'm sure I'll think of others, too...