Original Hydra vs. newer power condotioners

I have had my original Hydra conditioner for several years now and have been happy with it. But, I a mwondering if any of the newer conditioners better the Hydra. Anyone have experiences comparing the Hydra to newer offerings?
i changed from the original hydra to alan kafton's 'powerwing' conditioner after trying the later.it renders the background much blacker..has a superb 3-dimentional presentation and much better transparency.you can reach him at www.audioexcellenceaz.com....i have also tried others but have not found any better.
I had the Hydra 8 then bought the original.
The 8 is more detailed/dynamic but was a bit bright/forward in my system.
I could have lived wiyh either but found the original more musical in my system.
Liked the level of protection that the 8 supposedly gives though!