Original Hydra vs Hydra 8 newer units

I am thinking about buying an original Hydra. I have heard a newer version Hydra 6 in my sytem and liked it a lot, but find this unit interesting as well. Has anyone compared the original to the newer units? If so, can you give me a sonic discription of how they perform? Also, can the original Hydra's be used with power amps?

The original Hydra (which I own, with the later ivory colored 20 amp outlets) has a sweeter, more tube-like sound than the newer series, which is why it's staying in my system.

I've had great sucess running my B&K solid state monos or my VAC 220 tube monos,
they both sound better plugged into the Hydra to these ears.

No limiting effects, dynamic or otherwise with either amp setup in my system.

Grant Samuelson from Shunyata could fill you in on further details, good luck.
I second Pat's (Rx8man) assessment. Which you prefer would be up to your own musical tastes. The original Hydra tended to be more musically involving, while the newer ones are more transparent. I prefer and own an original Hydra.

I also have no problem running any amplifers through it, though I should mention that I replaced the fuse with a copper slug (nice upgrade for dynamics).