Original Elite Rock Turntable & Excalibur Tonearm

Hello Everyone,

I am almost ready to purchase a new phono cartridge for the Excalibur Arm. However, I don't have the manual for this particular arm. I am sure I have the Original Elite Rock Turntable that came with this tonearm. I purchased this turntable with tonearm back in 1983 after a visit to England. I did not get manuals at that time since I purchased the turntable as a store demo. The turntable has been in storage. I have purchased a new belt and fluid for the bearing and trough. Everything is ready to go.

Since I will need to set tracking force, align the cartridge, etc, it will be difficult without the owners manual in order to properly adjust the tonearm. Can anyone help or guide me to where I might be able to get this information? Thanks for all input.
Before I forget,

Does anyone have any suggestions what I can use to clean oily fingerprints from the turntable? I would not think of attempting to play a record until the turntable is clean.

Also, is there a record hold-down that can be used for this turntable? Thanks much for all responses.
Dear Rbwinterling: You can/could find the ifo here:
http://www.vinylengine.com/library/townshend/elite-rock.shtml and here:

Regards and enjoy the music.
I'm sorry, here too: http://www.townshendaudio.com

the best thing to clean silicone oil off with is, unfortunately , brake cleaning fluid. You can also try isopropyl alcohol
Hi - I used to sell these many years ago.
The TT is designed to work with a clamp and a washer under the record.
Something in the back of my mind says that on the early ones the spindle was threaded on the inside, not the outside as per normal, so getting a clamp will be difficult. A reflex clamp such as the SOTA should work.
With regard to setting the arm up - you leave the trough out and align the cartridge as per normal.
Set the tracking weight and level the arm.
Then you move the trough into position and lower the arm onto the record.
You then adjust the height of the paddle in the trough so that it doesn't touch the bottom of the trough as it transverses the record.
You can reduce dampening by decreasing the depth that the paddle is sitting in the trough.
The vertical arm bearings on the Rock tonearm used to stick. There is a fix which involved removing the arm, gripping the 2 vertical bearing points on the side of the armtube/bearing housing, and giving it a good shake. The arm inside is held by friction only, and occasionally it drops and sticks.
The arm works very well with MM's, less so with moving coils.
A lot of owners used to replace the original arm with Rega RB300's, there was an optional paddle for using alternate arms.
If you have the Merlin power supply it has trim pots inside for setting the voltages accurately. I have long thrown away the instructions for this, but Max Townsend, the designer may be able to help. From hazy memory voltage coming out the back should be 70volts.