original decco from peachtree?

does the dac in the original decco , is it the sameas nova dac?
The original Decco has a Scott Nixon designed NOS DAC which is different from the Nova, new Decco and iDecco which has the ESS Sabre 9006 which can accept up to 24/96 through SPDIF inputs.
have you heard the difference in the two? if any, thanks for a description.....
have you heard the difference between the two? thanks
I've owned both the decco and Nova at different times. The Nova has more inputs and can accept up to 24/96 material. I didn't notice much difference in the amps in each unit despite the power ratings.

The Nova was more more versatile with the extra inputs and preouts, but both sounded good. IF you don't have any 24/96 material than the Decco might be all you need.
I have a Decco and borrowed a friend's Nova. Tried 'em both in my office system as a preamp/DAC and using a tube amp. I couldn't tell the difference between the two with Redbook CD material I had burned to my laptop in AL format. My impression was that the amp section of the Nova was a very little bit better than the Decco, but it's a small difference if any. I kept the Decco and happily use it in my office system to this day.
thanks for the info..i really appreciate it.....local mouth means more than media ....thanks
bought a refurbished decco one, and love it, i listened to the nova and no doubt it is better in all areas, the amp is cleaner more detailed and the dac has more seperation and i loved the extra inputs outputs, but i am just using the input from dvd and server, via the toslink and usb....so at the refurbished price from peachtree site.....i love it ....will move up one day to the nova....but not today...due to pricing and my output.....i have the original decco running into the era 5 speakers , even without sub and it is outstanding on my jazz material.....using the decco's punch on bottom at lower sound levels, but pumped up a little, without the extended bass on the decco, it is excellent....thanks for all the input...maybe this will help someone, my main problem at the time was money....the nova is outstanding in everyway....