original cambridge cxc cd transport

v2 came out from OCT 2019.
The original now sells for $399.  Is there a better transport for $399?  The supply will soon run out.
Hi. I just bought one. The v2 is simply a color change only. They have changed to the new gray color and done away with the black or silver options. Same other wise. I actully bought mine from Cambridge Audio’s Ebay store it is a factory refurbished and was only $299.You will not find anything better near the price.
I bought a new one at $499, and use it via a Bryston BDA-3 DAC. Very nice transport for the money.  
I upgraded to a Bryston BCD-3 spinner, and am keeping the Cambridge as a backup.
Very satisfied.

Right now the CXC is the least expensive transport available purchased new. Now can be found for around $300. I own one and am pleased with it's performance. 
I too have the original CXC, I don't listen to it very much, but been wanting to get the Marantz 8006 CDP. So I put a CD into the CXC, and was very surprised at how well it sounded, so much so that I can't justify getting the Marantz.  
Maxboy00, I am glad to hear that the CXC is mating well with what I understand is a fine DAC. 
Maxboy00, my DAC is also a Lampizator Atlantic and thinking about a TRP upgrade. Can you describe you improvement you have experienced? Thanks!
I just got a CXC this weekend. I've only spun a few discs, but I'm extremely happy with it so far. Mine is currently paired with my CXN, but I expect the CXC to stay with me through a future DAC and streamer upgrade. When looking for a device that is purely a CD transport, I don't know of any options on the market that would surpass the CXC in it's current price point.