Original Box VS No Box...does it matter?

I purchased an older CD player off of Audiogon to use as a transport. The ad said it had the original box and remote. When I called about the unit, I was told it was in near mint shape. However, when it arrived it was not in the original box and did not have a remote. The unit worked but looked like it had never been cleaned. The drawer also was stuck. They did find the remote but said they had lost the box.
I place a higher value on a unit with the original box -- I always feel like the unit was probably taken better care of and it does make for better shipping. The owner of the store said the only reason people worry about the box is for shipping. He also said they packed it as well as if it had been the original box (however, it was not double boxed).
Bottom line after three weeks the unit has malfunctioned 50% to 75% of the time and will not read the disc. Am I way off base about being upset about the false advertising (original box)? Thanks for your input.
it's not all about the box here, it's more about honesty of the seller. Tho, the box is important to me but if the unit is not working I would think about the box. Good Luck, Rute.
I like the box if I can get it, but some people like apartment dwellers in cities do not have the storage for lots of boxes. Your case is different (misrepresented quality). I agree that I rarely have problems with the quality of a used item that comes in the original box. Sign of a careful owner. I bought some Sitech cables that were suppose to have the attractive boxes they came in, but didn't. I like the cables, so whatever. Some companies like Conrad Johnson will will sell you a new box and foam inserts. I brought my amp there once for a checkup in the original box that was still OK. They gave it back to me in a new box!
I really don't feel that the original description provided by the seller was adequate and that this should be sufficient reason for revoking the sale.
Sorry, I Missed spelling "would not think about the box".
I don't believe you're out of line about being upset. The seller falsely advertised the product and misrepresented the sale. In addition, I agree with you. The original box is important. It does show a seller who has taken the time and care of the piece and wants to sell it as close to "as new" as possible. No remote? This is false advertising in my humble opinion.
To me, the original box is always a very good thing but may be offset by a trustworthy seller. With lighter, or older items like CD players and cables, I don't care as much. It really depends. The bad thing is when the seller makeshifts inadequate packing material. You just have no way of knowing.
When I ship without the original box, I just make sure it is 1) in plastic all around for dust 2) bubble wrapped on top of that, and 3) padded with 4-5 inches foam/buble on all sides with a sturdy, sized box. It costs $20-40 for this much material and I think most people just don't want to spend it. It's impossible to guage if a seller will pack something that well. Another big problem can be 'how' do you pack a 200lb amp ? Most of the commercial packing material and boxes I've seen are not rated to protect something that heavy. A last point is that I am much more comfortable handing over $X,XXX dollars for a box that actually says 'audio research' on it rather than 'bobs fig farm'.
i have bought 10 pieces over the net recently. some in orig boxes and some not ie. a mac 67 tuner from the early 60s. i have had great results with all so far. i find the best way to gauge the seller is by a phone call. if they speak passionately about the piece...it usually comes in nicely. as for the thread from john 1; you can go to a commercial packaging store and they will make all the arrangements and insurance....it is not cheap.....but i do not know of any 200lb amps that are cheap either. as to your seller...they were dishonest.
I agree with the other posts about dishonesty in advertising the product. However, I will note from my own personal experience that although I take fastidious care of my equipment, I have none of the original boxes on my older (70's- '96) equipment for a very simple reason. Back then, the boxes took up too much space and because most if not all sales were made locally (before eBay and the internet) there was no need to worry about shipping. Now, selling on the 'net is a standard thing and saving the boxes is the only way to go. Bottom line -- get a feel for the seller by telephone, not just email.
I wish I could save all my original boxes, but in my NYC apartment there is simply not enough room. I do flatten some original boxes for storage when I can. Sometimes the original box represents an owner who takes good care of gear, and sometimes it is meaningless. Psychology comes into play here. Why does almost every retail store sell with a ".99" ? Somehow it feels less expensive, even though we are obviously not being fooled. Original boxes feels safer., but have no real relationship to the item being shipped, providing that item is very well packed. Sometimes it helps the item feel newer.
Original boxes can be critical for certain equipment, i.e., turntables. After receiving one damaged which didn't have the original box, I won't buy another table unless it comes with the original packing material. Most other items with the possible exception of tube equipment aren't as fragile and a thorough bubble-wrapping and double boxing should suffice. Having misrepresented to you that he had the original box, your seller lacks credibility -- as shown by the fact that he possibly misrepresented the condition of the product as well. I agree that phone contact is good to establish trust.
Patriot, I think that the title of the thread should have been "I've Been Screwed". Aside from the box, you were told that this was a near mint CD player. You received the unit with a stuck drawer, covered with dust and no remote. Now it malfunctions most of the time. Simply put, you did nogt get what you paid for.

It is evident that the dealer did not inspect the unit or pay attention to storage. My question is: what is the dealer doing to makes things right? If he is bending over backwards to remedy the situation that's one thing. If he is not, it sounds like he's bending you over. If this is an Audigon dealer I would disclose the name on this forum if your problems are not rectified. Sorry for your unfortunate experience.
An origianl box is a good indication that the unit you are buying is not the result of a burglary.