Original 1981 Dynavector Karat Ruby Cartridge

Hello there. My first post here at Audiogon.
I'm an old (now) Tech Hifi manager from 1980 and I am dusting off my equipment from storage. I'd like to reminisce but I have a question too.

Does an original Dynavector Karat Ruby cartridge w/ DV-6Z preamp have some value these days? I have both in there original packing and it's never been used. I'm sure a collector or maybe somebody could use it. The rca connectors need cleaning (oxidation?), not sure how.
I coulda swore they were gold :)

Should it be appraised or eyeballed by a local audio dealer?
Thoughts or opinions welcome. Thanks. Duder

I also have one somewhere, but mine is well used and of no value. I would expect that the suspension would be brittle by now. Some try to keep it in good shape by putting cartridges in freezers, but i doubt if anything can stop this.
Update: I just mounted it on my Thorens 105 at 1.5g pressure.
Bummer,, the cantilever is broke..i.e. no cantilever stiffness. Can it be fixed? I know the stylus part is unused.
If they rebuild it which would cost you a good deal.