Origin Live Zephyr MK4 vs. Silver MK3A

Has anyone had the opportunity to compare these two tonearm or have an opinion on how big of a step up the Zephyr is from the Silver?
May be deciding between the two this week. If anyone is familiar with the, would really appreciate the feedback. 
I do not have direct experience with the Zephyr versus the Silver but do with the Onyx versus the Silver which is on the other end of the price point. The Silver was a great arm that I enjoyed for a while that was installed on a Origins Aurora table after purchasing it with the Onyx, the Onyx had a lot to be desired and almost kept me from going further up the Origin line, sold the Onyx and purchased the Silver, which I knew to be a good arm after having one on a Sota Cosmo III for a few years and loved it till I sold the table and arm. The Zephyr is in the next level up, the Premium level of arms, for Origin so I would bet it is better than the Silver by a good amount and that would be a no brainer. FWIW the Silver is one hell of an arm. Enjoy the music
Tempted to stay w the Silver for now. But I've had one person tell me there is not much difference between the two and another say the Zephyr would be a big step up. Not sure yet.
Personally, I’d suggest saving for a more significant upgrade (this is coming from a guy who went from a Silver to an Enterprise).