Origin Live LP12 Upgrade

Just to preface this review, I never do reviews usually because I view them as overly hyped reports given as a return gift for something else.

I recently purchased the Advanced Motor Kit from Audio Revelation (760.944.0444 - talk to Jay) to replace the motor and power supply for my dear old Linn LP12 (ser#: 28XXX - 1982?)/Valhalla/Nivana/Ittok/Blue Point Special. There was really no reason for the upgrade other than I knew at some point the Valhalla would need recapping and just didn't feel like it. I was also replacing some other minor parts on the table and basically cleaning it up. After a very painless install, I fired it up for 4 hours, did the speed check, and put it to work. I threw on some Norah Jones and went about reading not seriously paying attention to serious listening. My wife is typically annoyed with my subwoofer, which seemed to be doing a great job filling in the bottom parts of Ms. Jones' music, so I got up to turn it down. When I reached down to the volume I noticed that my wife had unplugged it! Now I was suddenly interested more than just the casual listening I was doing. All I can say is WOW! I never expected this. I don't understand how a very simple motor, regulator, and wall wart power supply canmake this table sing but it does. This really changes the paradigm that simplicity works better than the very complex looking Valhalla. Go DC, AC! Buy one for $540 and sell your old AC/Valhalla for $250 on ebay! Better than the Lingo/Lingo II. Thanks!
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Just wanted to find out if you had your LP12 set-up professionally or did it yourself. I just got my 1st LP12 recently which had the Valhalla, Itok LVII(Black), Grado prestige gold.
I'm currently cleaning it up and in the process of recapping the PCB (just the electrolytic caps).
Mine was built in 1984. Would appreciate for some feedback from some goners.
Setting up an LP12 is a bit of a mystical art and is done best by those with a lot of experience, so the answer is I had mine balanced professionally and mine was a mid 80's vintage too. Was, I just replaced it with an Origin Live Resolution which is clearly a large step up. I put an earlier generation Origin Live DC motor on my LP12 with clear benefits, though the motor was'nt silent. In addition I put on an Origin Live Slver Taper( replaced by the Encounter), with even more benefit. Please note that although the OL arms are based on the Rega RB250, the Rega arms are'nt a good match for the LP12 themselves. The Ittok is still a pretty good arm provided you are happy to stick to MC cartridges, as you know, you can'nt use mm cartridges on the ittok.