Origin Live Linear Flow 2 Rewire

Anyone have their tonearm rewired w/ Origin Live Linear Flow 2 cabling? I just sent my OL Silver mk III tonearm across the pond to have it rewired so I can take advantage of my fully-balanced phono stage (Ayre P-5xe) as the stock cable is not a balanced design. Just curious as to what to expect. According to the OL site, the upgrade should be significant.
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I had my OL Illustrious rewired; however, since I also upgraded to a MkIIIC with carbon tube and dual pivot bearings at the same time I can't parse out the difference due to the wire. It does sound better. Especially in the lower mids were it seemed a little lean by comparison in its old configuration. Also, some apparent harshness in the high seemed to be mitigated.
Thanks, John. From the OL site...

...upgrades below are scored in terms of performance relative to one another:

Enterprise tonearm = 330
Conqueror tonearm = 280
Illustrious tonearm =190
Encounter tonearm =150
Silver tonearm =130
Linear Flow 2 External Rewire (option for all tonearms) = 65

Fully modified OL1 or Rega RB250 = 86.5

Upgrading Guidance

So...I'm hoping it's worth it.