Origin Live Illustrious Tonearm

Anybody using the Illustrious arm from Origin Live? I cannot comprehend how to adjust the VTA on this thing? Can somebody tell me if I could download a manual for this arm? I want to know what parts or accessories came with yours. Thanks.
hey doc, have you tried:






The Illustrious comes standard with a VTA collar. It is a knurled, threaded, top hat shaped piece. You install it on the the arm pillar with the flat, knurled part on top. You then insert the arm pillar through the armboard and place the washer and nut in place. Raising and lowering of the arm for VTA adjustment is done by rotating the knurled portion and locking it in place with the bottom nut. Most folks don't use the serrated washer though. I hope this helps.
Patrick is right on the beam. However, this does assume that you are mounting it on a table that uses the washer and nut. If you are using a table that features an armboard that employs a collar which tightens around the arm pillar (in place of the washer/nut) like certain Michel and Nottinghams (possibly others), you are SOL in using the OL supplied VTA adjuster, UNLESS you are able to obtain a very non-standard collet ring size to accommodate the adjuster. With the adjuster, VTA adjustment can be a pain, without one it, well, sucks.

The arm sounds superb, though. Accessories include (or should include) two allen wrenches, a quaint little Ortofon VTF guage, a paper aligment protractor, paper anti-skate arm angle template, VTA collar, the mounting hardware, and a confusing installation instruction manual.