Origin Live Cartridge Enabler

Hi Folk,
I just ordered an Origin Live Cartridge Enabler which cost me a whopping $25.00 US. It's supposed to make a difference but there isn't enough online info to determine what sort of improvements I should come to expect. Does anybody have one and if so, would you please share your thoughts?
Once upon a time, not so long ago, cartridges had to be rigidly coupled to the headshell; little "torque drivers" were even sold to ensure the tightest possible coupling short of stripping the screw-heads or damaging the cartridge.

Now we’re told to decouple the cartridge. Two opposite and clearly contradictory ideas, both hailed by "experts" (or at least in the glowing praise of the experts at Origin Live re their own product).

Hardly the first time the High End embraces contradictions without seeming to notice. Logically it would seem one would be right, the other wrong.

Or both might be fine — which makes me wonder how many absolutist dicta heeded by serious audiophiles, may be wrong, or not really so important, or don’t matter?
It's been on my radar. Mark Baker's tt belt was a killer upgrade for my Rock 7.
I have the Origin Live Conqueror arm with Black Widow and Green Dream PHTs on a Koetsu Black Goldline and two ECTs on the Conqueror arms base. Pretty tricked out and sounds great and would consider adding this even in spite of its awful name (Enabler? One who helps you get away with what you shouldn't be doing? Seriously?) if it works.

Origin Live is great at getting music out of the groove, not so great at engineering, fit and finish. As opposed to say Graham which is the other way around. Seeing as I went from Graham to OL and am really happy you can tell which matters more to me. All the same, curious to see if the Accomplice, er Co-conspirator, no wait Enabler looks and works as good as it sounds.
I'll toss this out for their next product "The Punisher"
Solid and ridged mounting has been officially given the boot.
I just ordered one for my OL conqueror mkII with Benz L.P. S . I trust M Baker. On the arm I have the VTAF from Pete Riggle and it's the same theory. You don't have to tighten the arm too much and the VTAF is very efficient..So I am confident. I shall report .
slaw, millercarbon,
I have the Origin Live belt on my TT and thought well enough of it not to send it back. The talc suggestion did nothing but cause the belt to slip and create a bit of a mess to have to clean up but next time I need another belt, I'll likely get the OL again.
As far as controversy about decoupling the cartridge from the headshell, I'm not sure why a controversy exists. The product either works, or it doesn't, or it makes things worse.
gilles130, please do report and I'l do the same.