Origin Live Arm Rega and Dennesen Soundtracktor

I just installed a new to me Origin Live Encounter tonearm to my Lenco table. I used a armboard drilled to the 223mm recommended in the Origin Live instructions. When I try to use my Dennesen Soundtracktor to set my Lyra Clavis DC cartridge there is not enough headshell length. It would seem that the armboard would have to be somewhere around 220mm or maybe even less. Anyone run into this before, is a Dennesen unusable with this style arm.
I had to set the arm to spindle distance at 222mm to get the correct geometry with a Shelter 9000 (also the 90X). At 223mm I had the same result as you. Fortunately, changing this distance on my Nott. TT was easy. I used a Feikert protractor and Lofgren geometry for these measurements. BTW, the new Encounter with the dual pivot bearings and carbon arm tube with upgraded wiring (balanced wiring used on conquerer and enterprise) represents a huge improvement.
You can try printing your own protractor here http://www.conradhoffman.com/chsw.htm

Scroll down and download "Custom Arc Template Generator...."

Be sure to read the "notes" section of the README file.
Once you download,use Lofgren A. You can plug in the values using your tonearm specs from here http://www.tonearm.co.uk/encounter.htm and choose "IEC". Your inner grove radius should be around 60.3 and outer grove around 146.45. After that, you will see that the computation for the Effective length and offset angle are verified to that of the arm specs.

When you generate the template/protractor and still have the same problem, then the 223 mounting distance is incorrect. Otherwise, you cannot use Dennesen for this particular arm is my guess.