Organizing your Vinyl: Per Madsen Design and Koeppel Design

Hello Vinyl Collectors,

I wanted to take a minute to highlight a couple of products that are helping me keep my vinyl collect organized and presentable.

How many of you remember the Per Madsen Design products that he developed in the 90's or so.  Just look at Michael Fremer's videos.  He has a bunch in his backdrop.  I have a bunch of his LP systems, CD and cassette drawers.  I have used them for years, but as we know he retired and stopped producing the products a number of years ago.  Lucking I found 33Rackit out of Winnepeg Canada (  He doesn't produce drawers but he does make the LP stackables that fit into my existing Per Madsen LP racks.  It really helped me get organized and now I don't have all my LPs squeezed into racks.

Secondly, I finally found a good way to keep the thousands of LPs organized, or at least easier to locate.  I found a good divider system run and managed by women, if that matters.  It is Koeppel Design (  They have the traditional A-Z dividers, either individual letters or group letters, but you can also design your own, or use any of their pre-set genre dividers.  Lots of options based on your vinyl size and organizing system.  If found it really fun getting this organized.  For example, I had dividers made with the labels like "D2Disc" or "Third Man".  Their dividers are thick and durable.

I thought I would share for those of you who are not aware of these options.

Happy Listening
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Awesome. I have only returned to vinyl a couple of years ago and organizing it all is starting to become a concern. 
wow $420 for 26 dividers is a little steep IMO nice as they are that's a lot of records I could be buying... teasing of course cost is all relevant. 

I think its time to buy that laser engraver and make some my self. 1/4 plywood, cut and laser it-done. 

honestly the Ikia Kallax seems to be one of the best record storage systems available for reasonable money. 

@glennewdick   I get it.  They are expensive, but it is an off the shelf one time investment, that is how I look at it.  Obviously they won't be for everyone.

The Per Madsen & Rackit33 products are stackable, and can be organized in multiple arrangements and heights, which is why I always enjoyed them.  No matter where I lived I could make the arrangements fit the space, even closets.  I also used to put my components on top of them which worked great.  I just don't trust the structural integrity of Ikea products for that about of weight.  
I still use the Per Madsen racks. I've also used Rackit33 and Ryan Tinsel. I prefer Ryan Tinsel for quality and price. I recently ran across a guy selling all of his original Per Madsen and scooped it up. 
@slaw  I agree Ryan Tinsel does good work. I wish we had options originally to get different wood that oak with the Per Madsen racks.