Organizing your music collection


I´m very curious to learn in which ways people with big FLAC-collections organize their music. What I have is 2-3 big HDD with FLAC and most of it is individual files, but some is just on big flac file and one cue file for the whole album. Can I split those files to get all the individual tracks and which program do I use.

Are there good programs where I can rename all cd´s to a naming standard? I remember that I used a program many years ago that did this and also downloaded covers to the CDs that did not have covers.

I´m on MAC. All help are welcome.

Also, do I dare to ask, since storage is very cheap these days. Is is ”better” to convert everything to wav or is it as good to keep the files in FLAC?

Many thanks
I am a mac user. I use either Max or XLD to convert flac to aiff (mac wav). Max is good when all songs are individual flac files. XLD is better then only 1 flac file with cue file. I use Tag to enter metadata for flac files that are not done or complete before converting. Hi-Res flac and dsf files I do not convert and use Decibel for playback(changes to correct resolution automatically). Reg resolution cds/flac I convert to aiff and use ITunes (remote access is better). I do have all my hi-res and dsf files on a separate external from reg res collection. Externals are inexpensive for 3T+ drives. I had a lot of albums already converted to aiff before I got Decibel so I continue to use ITunes for reg res music.