Organizer software for vinyl lp collection

Can anyone recommend a Mac OS-X based software program for cataloging and organizing a vinyl lp collection?

Thanks for any comments.
How about Bento from Apple. It is not specifically designed for cataloging vinyl but it is a general purpose personal database. You can create any type of forms with whatever fields you need. It is also very easy to use and low cost.
Thanks Sidssp. Bento would indeed do that function but I was hoping for a program which would search online databases for detailed album information - similar to those available for cd's or dvd's.
Mind saying what the s/w is for cd's/dvd's?
Myraj. If you google music organizer catalog programs you'll see a number of hits. One which looks promising for CD's and DVD's is ReaderwareAW - note that I only looked through the tutorial and downloaded the app but I do not have practical experience using it.
I use Readerware and find it terrific. The database can be easily separated in to media types, Vinyl, R2R, CD, etc. There are several sites that can be used for loading data with just a mouse click or two. I use Amazon. Once loaded, it can automatically update pricing if desired. There are not as many links for Vinyl, but the program works VERY well. If of interest, there are separate modules for DVD and Books.