Organic, musical and natural sounding speakers up to $12K

Getting a new place next year. Living room will be approx 12-14ft x 16-18ft x 10ft.

Getting a new system and am starting with speakers. Brands I have shortlisted (recommended from magazines and forums) are:

1) Audionote J or E
2) Spendor (model ?)
3) Harbeth (model ? - perhaps 30.2/40.1 or ?)
4) Devore (0/93 or 0/96?)

I auditioned Audionote and Harbeth briefly a few years ago. If I recall, Audionote was organic, musical and natural. Harbeth SHL5 plus was natural and musical...but don’t remember if they were more organic than the Audionotes.

HF extension/air is definitely not a priority for I find it often translates to tizz to my ears. I love a large soundstage - big full sound!

With the 4 brands, am I heading in the right direction? Any feedback from users would be greatly appreciated. I am open to other brands too.


+1 ProAc, and I'll add Nola KO. 
You will get recommendations of almost every brand in existence. 
Harbeths 40.2 are $15k retail, I would audition them first. With powerful high level amplification. 
Graham Audio LS 5/9 or bigger brother, great sounding speakers.
Thanks guys for your input. Really appreciate it. Though I have heard of these brands and models, I have not had the opportunity to demo them yet. 

To be honest, I am most interested in the Audionote J or E for their organic and natural sound qualities especially for vocals and piano. Can anyone who have had first hand experience with the Audionotes give me some feedback on their performance against other speakers they have come across. 

Perhaps some advice on the pros and cons of corner placement. I am concerned of lack of depth or even boom in a home environment. Also, I also have tinnitus. Therefore I need to be really careful. Have to avoid a hot treble. A system that sounds organic and natural, even if a little dark, is preferable. 

I’ve been listening to Audionote Es quite a lot of late, my usual dealer has taken on the franchise and keeps saying ”come and hear this” if I drop in with time to spare. Not the AlNiCo magnet ones and mostly internal crossover models. I love the scale they do and they can rock well enough but they need a bit of corner or at least wall assistance so setup is critical but get it right and they seem to manage full range with their 8” driver. I hear some colouration if I listen for it but usually the music distracts me from listening for the faults. They don’t need a monster amp 10W will do but do like quality. Skip the base model.